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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

So have any of you heard of JewelScent?!
I am slightly addicted!

JewelScent home fragrances and body care products combine high-quality scents with a unique experience. Within each JewelScent candle, soap, scrub, wax tart, body crème and aroma beads, you will discover a hidden jewel valued between $15 and $100 OR a Golden Token that will be redeemed for jewelry with an appraisal value between $100 and $7,500! 

JewelScent has all kinds of different scents to try and the candles are so cute and make wonderful home decoration.  

I mean you are going to by lotions, soaps, candles, etc anyway so why not get a prize with it!  Every ring I have received is super cute and I wear them often and get so many compliments!

Check out my party here and try it out, I promise you will love it!
And if you want to host your own party and get great rewards contact me @ and I will help you get all set up!

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