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Golf, Racing, and Starla

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Happy Thursday.

If you haven't yet, please check out my post from yesterday!  Super excited about it.
You can check it out here.

Nick is very allergic to mosquitos.  I promise I drown him in bug spray but he still managed to get stung right near his eye.  This is what we woke up to the next morning.  Since this had happened before I knew benadryl would help but it still looked awful for the next few days.

It is so nice that my inlaws have a pool.  I can just lounge and let the boys have fun!

One of my morning pics from my dad!!  

We had to have our land leveled and Nick thought the pile of dirt was just for him....  I had to empty his shoes for like 15 min.

So cool riding to school wearing daddy's sunglasses.

On the way to gymnastics.  

One of Uncle Kevins friends is a local police officer.  He stopped by the house one day and Nicklas was amazed!

Nicklas is OBSESSED with racing.  We have a local dirt track near our house and one of Jamie's cousins, Donnie, races there.  Nick thinks Donnie hung the moon.  He will go buy when he is warming up and wave at Nicklas, and Nicklas just goes crazy!

On Fathers Day Nicklas, Jamie, and Poppy went golfing.  This is the first time Nick has gone golfing, but he loved it.  He didn't really understand the whole taking turns thing but oh well!

Isn't he so, so cute!

We finally got the keys to our house!

Meet Kilee.  Her mom is my bestie!

Another night at the race track... see Kilee in the background!

Now meet Starla, our new dog.  My parents bought Starla for Nicklas after we moved into our new house!

I love this moments and I know they are few and far between since he will be 4 in 2 months. 

Oh ya know... Just standing in front of Donnie's race car. 

Bryar finally came back from the beach and Uncle J had to get some baby love. 

He also had to get some Starla love!

Having a new puppy and a new house is hard.  This was on the way to school yesterday!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

So have any of you heard of JewelScent?!
I am slightly addicted!

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JewelScent has all kinds of different scents to try and the candles are so cute and make wonderful home decoration.  

I mean you are going to by lotions, soaps, candles, etc anyway so why not get a prize with it!  Every ring I have received is super cute and I wear them often and get so many compliments!

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