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The Life of Nicklas Volume 11

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This post is pretty much going to be a photo dump... so sit back and enjoy!

Nicks school did a cute little questionaire for Mothers Day!!  

On the way to school one day Nick told me he was tired....

Uncle J finally held Baby Bryar, cutest little baby ever!

Face swap with the hubby, hahaha!

One day we found a turtle in our driveway and I made Poppy come get it so Nick could play with it.  Boy Jamie made me release the turtle as soon as he got home.

Face Swap with Nicklas!

I just love watching them play together.

Nick, Thor, and Brooke playing on 'Jake'!

Daddy and Nicklas face swap!

Working on the land... FYI, we should be moving in this weekend!

Morning pic!

Since Brooke is taking gymnastics, Nicklas wanted to also.  Ganna and Granddaddy signed him up!  He loves it!

We went to the race track a few weeks ago, Brooke and Nick had so much fun!

Helping Poppy in the dump truck.

Aunt Lizzy Love!

Uncle and Aunt K love!!!

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