The Jamie's + 1

Bye Bye House and Hello Cousins

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Thursday.
We officially said good bye to our home 2 weeks ago.
This is the last picture I took in it.
This was in Nicks nursery... so bittersweet.

My sister in law, Kaylin, had her baby on April 22nd.
Bryar Matthew Pruitt
He was 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 in. 
He is perfect.
Nicklas wouldn't let him go.
He calls him his little brother!
Nicklas go so angry when other people wanted to hold Bryar, he is going to be his little protector.

Just some daddy love in the morning.  Both sleeping so soundly.

We took Nicklas to a dirt track a few weeks ago. 
He has his tablet, cheetos, and water, he is such a little man.

We live about 15 min. further away from Nicks school now.  One morning he was so tired he fell asleep on the way to school, I felt so bad about dropping him off. 

He pepped up real quick though!

He is on the far left of this picture beside the little girl in the pink dress, all you can see is his face!

Sometimes Kellyn gets to put Nicklas down for a nap.

Just a fun morning at school with one of our fav. cousins!

I swear her could be her kid....

We have our land all cleared.  Nick was super excited when this big machine showed up!

He was even more excited when Jamie and him got to drive it!

Love this picture!

Grandma loves having Nicklas so close.  I love watching them play together!

And we get visits from this sweet boy really often! win, win!

Here is all our logs and brush piled up!

And our driveway!

And a little throwback!