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The Life of Nicklas: Volume 9

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Thursday.
So a few updates on Nicklas.
* He uses the potty at school but absolutely refuses at home.  His teacher says its because he goes when all of his friends go and at home we don't have designated times... I'm going to have to work on that.
* Tell me 'I love you.'  I used to have to say it over and over to get him to tell me!
* Has started sleeping in his bed most nights without fighting about it!

But still ends up in our bed around 5 am.  If I let him sleep in he will sleep until about 10:00!

A few weekends ago all of us girls got together for a night out.  So much fun!

I had last Monday and Tuesday off of work.  Monday we decided to just hang around the house and have a lazy day.  Nicklas enjoyed playing with his train table!

My little monkey has always enjoyed sleeping.  He gets it honest!

On Tuesday we decided to go see Nannan and Pupol.  Nicklas was super excited when we pulled up. 

I got to play with my little buddy.  This dog is like 14 years old and only nice to me, nannan, pupol and Kellyn.  He despises Nicklas and Brooklyn!

But this dog is crazy about Nicklas.  They played ball for an hour!  Holly will sit and fetch and do anything Nicklas tells him to do. 

They had the best time!

And this happens after a full day at nannan and pupols!

On Saturday we went to Chuck e' Cheese for a birthday party.  Nicklas does have my addiction for playing games that give tickets!

This sweet little girl is in Nicks class. 

And there is Nick with the birthday boy and his cool cape!

Nicklas was so excited to meet the big mouse!  He was mesmerized!

Since we were so close to their house we decided to go back to Nannan and Pupols for a little while!

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