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The Life of Nicklas: Volume 8

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nicklas is one funny kid.
He is started acting out a little but I figure that is normal.

He loves his IPAD.  He will play with his train table and monster trucks when he gets home from school but near bed time he wants his IPAD. 

He loves school.  He has some great friends and he has started talking in sentences more. 

Totally relaxing.  

He doesn't fall asleep on me a lot anymore but when he does I eat it up.  

Oh just relaxing and eating breakfast while mommy gets ready for the day!

I found this amazing train table for $25. Grammie had bought a huge wooden train set for Nicklas for Christmas so all we needed was a big train table!!

He still plays with my eyelashes.  

Daddy and Poppy bought a Gator so of course we had to try it out!  Nicklas loved it!

When I am just not wanting to get in the floor to play Nicklas will bring his toys to me!

My sweet boys in their hoodies!  Thomas for the win!

Nicklas has a furry best friend too.  Toby and Nicklas are the best of friends.

Sassy hates Nicklas.  HA!

All the men on the new gator.  Nicklas would have ridden on that thing all day long!

Having some fun with Uncle Kevin.

So all that time on the gator resulted in a slight fever.

Just hangin out on daddys feet watching tv!

So my husband joined facebook... my 30 year old husband.... and he is hooked.  He has also started playing Clash of Clans... do any of you know what that is?  The most annoying game in history.  He was a super proud daddy when Nicklas took interest in the Clash of Clans. 

I work with a friend whose daughter sells Girl Scout Cookies so of course I had to buy some.  Nicklas was super excited to try some!

I think he approves!

Wearing his new shirt from Kevin and Kaylin.  He quickly corrected his daddy and told him it wasn't a fire truck... it was a ladder truck.  Uncle Kevin who is a firefighter was very proud. 

Got sent this pic from school.  Just relaxing listening to the morning story. 

Great way to be loved.  One rubbing my hair, the other my eyelashes! ha!

I am blessed. 

We got this in the mail this weekend.... he pretends to pee pee in it but no luck yet!


  1. That gator is amazing!! I know a certain 3-year old that would flip his lid for a ride in that! When can I send him over to play with Nicklas?? ;)

    1. You guys are welcome anytime... they can ride the gator... we can enjoy some cocktails! I love it!! :)

  2. Nicklas is adorable! I love that he plays with your eyelashes. My daughter likes to play with our ears. So funny.

    1. Thank you so much Leslie. I love that your daughter plays with your ears! Kids are so funny!


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