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Snow Storm 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The meteorologist were right this time!
I have lived in South Carolina for about 11 years now an this is the most snow I have ever seen.
We have about 7 inches right now and it is finally over!
My friend that I work with has a foot at her house.
I am so thankful that all of this happened on the weekend so we could all stay home and enjoy it. 
And very, very thankful our power stayed on!

Venturing out in the snow. 

The view from our back porch.

Just checking out how much ice was on the roads.

Loving the snow.

Even Toby wanted to get out in the snow.

Buried my new shoes. 

Checking it all out.

Now for my artsy pics.

Now for the rest of this storm I plan to hibernate.

How are you all staying warm?


  1. It's crazy that so many southern states got all this snow. Seven inches in SC - wow! We got bombarded, but I'm in PA. Pretty pics! Hope Nicklas had fun!

    1. Yes. I like snow for about a day but after that I am over it!! Glad to be not snowed in anymore! :)


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