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Monday, January 11, 2016

Okay y'all I need some help... my child WILL NOT USE THE POTTY!

I have tried everything:
Sticker chart - not interested.
Rewards - what a joke.
Cheerios - reached in and ate them.
Letting him run around naked - my house smells like a boys locker room.

I am not sure what to do?!  He turned 3 in September so I feel like its time.
I will say... Nicklas has been late on everything.
He did not take his first step until he was about 14 months.
He did not really start talking until a little after he turned 2.
So maybe I am rushing him??

He does not tell me when he is dirty and I feel like he would walk around in his dirty diaper for 3 days if I let him.

I just bought this nifty little thing and it is being shipped to me as we speak... I am desperate and will try anything thing.

Thoughts?  What did you other boy moms do?  Am I rushing him?!  


  1. I wish I had advice....but I don't. Our oldest took to it really well and really quickly. We used a 3-day method that included lots of small rewards. We also tried not to react negatively when he had an accident. My nephew, on the other hand, was a challenge. It was well after his third birthday when he finally cooperated enough to be potty trained. (But of course, I don't know the tricks they used!)

    1. Glad to hear your experience wasn't bad!! But also glad to hear that other people have hard times!!! Thanks for stopping by new friend! :)

  2. I'd wait. If he's not showing any interest at all, hold off for a while. In the meantime, make a point to talk about using the potty ALL THE TIME. Make sure he sees daddy using the potty. Talk about big boys using the potty. Tell him that only babies wear diapers. Read books about going to the potty. Watch the Daniel Tiger about using the potty. Etc. Like really really emphasize it. And wait for something he really wants. A toy? A trip to his favorite park? Something. And then use that to entice him. Make a huge deal about it when he goes. Everytime. And good luck!!


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