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Christmas 2015

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

So I know everyone is probably tired of reading Christmas updates but I have finally gotten around to posting mine so u hope you enjoy it!

I had my Christmas party at work on the 22nd and we all had the best time.  Our office closes until the first day of January so it's always really nice!!

We even played some Cards Against Humanity while waiting on our food!

And may have enjoyed one too many adult beverages!

Nicklas also took some time off of school to during the holidays...

Christmas Eve was spent with my parents.  We always open family gifts on Christmas Eve and then Santa comes Christmas morning. 

As soon as we got home from my parents Nicklas put daddy to work!

Santa did not disappoint!

Just wanted to share some of my favorites!!  Loving these boots and they are perfect for all this rain we are having. 

And I got a Michael Kors bag.  This is something I would have never bought for myself so I am super excited to get it!!

Christmas Day we went back to my parents and Santa had brought the kids some silly string!

Nicklas loved spraying everyone but once he got sprayed he started crying... #typical!

We went to see Greenville Griswold on Christmas night.  It was a very long wait and Nicklas started to fall asleep but it was so worth it in the end!

The Saturday after Christmas was spend at Boy Jamies parents house!  

The next week my aunt and cousins came to visit!! 

And I got another Michael Kors..... Could not believe it!

Nicklas laid down on the floor and looked up at Kendyl and sweetly asked her to rub his belly... of course she did!

And my sweet boy (who never naps anymore) must have had a great time with his pretty cousins!

New Years Eve was spent playing with monster trucks and watching fireworks from our front porch.  We were also in bed my 11!

We had a game night at my parents this weekend and I snapped this picture... he is so handsome!

My aunt got Jamie a Nascar devotional book for Christmas.  Now Nicklas and Jamie read it every single morning.  Makes my heart so happy.

This week has been very heard on all of us.  Getting back in groove of things stinks when you are used to sleeping until 10 every morning.

My handsome men.  I sure am blessed!

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