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End of November

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Yes... this is going to be my end of November... Thanksgiving... beginning of December catch up post.  Yes... I know how late it is!!
Hope you enjoy!

So my kid has his first 'special friend.'  I REFUSE to use the G word but y'all.... they really love each other so, so much!

My parents sent Nicklas home with a new book... he decided to read it right in the middle of the kitchen floor while I was cooking dinner!  

Does he not look like a little teenager here.  All stretched out in his sweats on the couch.  I love it!

Nicklas had his Thanksgiving feast at school a few weeks ago.  My parents go to attend since Brooke is in 4k so I got lots of pictures!!

This seemed like a big deal a month ago... now not so much!

Have any of you tried this?!  It is the most wonderful thing in the world!!

My sister and I stepped up and made all of Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I made dressing, corn casserole, Chicken and dumplings and rolls.  Kellyn made mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and baked beans.  My dad did fry the turkey for us.  I must say dinner was wonderful!!!!

Love getting pics like this during the middle of the day!

I found this kit at walmart and decided to try it.  Nicks attention span lasted about 5 minutes and I ended up doing them all by myself.  They were messy and delicious!!

My aunt Debbie came to visit so Kellyn, Brooke, Nick and I loaded up and headed to Nannans to see her.  We had a great time visiting but missed Kendyl and McKayla.

LOVE this picture!

It doesn't happen often but when he falls asleep on me I have to document it!

Love his sweat mean mugging face!

My dad sent me this pic early one morning.... it was the first hour he had been there and was already in time out....

Our elf Charlie came back to town and brought a present... new Christmas pj's!

And since our elf's name is Charlie Nicklas decided Charlie Brown should also sit with Charlie... makes sense!

My very first Christmas cookies ever!  I'm proud!

Jamie and Nicklas putting up our tree!

And here it is... all decorated!!!  And Nicklas goes to time out every time he touches it!

And here are the pj's Charlie brought!

And last but not least... they only picture taken at any Thanksgiving function!!!!

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  1. Love the recap! Drooling over the cookies and rice krispie treats! YUM!!


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