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Halloween 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Halloween started with a package from our sweet Aunt Debbie.

Nicklas was super excited about all his Halloween goodies!!

Friday Nicks school had a Halloween party so of course Nicklas had to look his best!

He gets so tired of me taking pics, ha!!

Aunt Kellyn sent me this pic of Nicklas enjoying his pumpkin goodie!!

Saturday night the local college we live near had all the girls dorms handing out candy!

Nicklas loved getting candy from all the pretty girls!

We also ran into the whole gang from Batman.... and wheres waldo!

Nicklas loved meeting Batman!

Please let me introduce you to Cinderella and Gravedigger!

We had lots of people come over for Halloween.  Our street literally shuts down and has hay rides and kids everywhere!

The day after Halloween I always make pancakes out of Nicks favorite candy.  This year I made Twix pancakes!

Nick approved!

Now the reason I am getting to write this blog before 10 pm....
Honestly I should get to bed... 3 am will probably be interesting around here...

I can't wait to read about all of your Halloween festivities!!!


  1. I love that you made Halloween candy pancakes! Looks like all in all a wonderful time!

  2. hahah Halloweeen candy pancakes - how fun is that?! I love it. And so nice that your street shuts down and everybody goes all out. And also how funny that you trick or treat at the local college. I mean it sounds so random but I bet the girls enjoyed doing it. I know I would have thought it was fun back in college.

  3. What a fun neighborhood you live in! Looks like a great night followed by an amazing breakfast. I'd like some almond joy pancakes please!


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