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The Life of Nicklas: Volume 6

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Happy Tuesday friends.
I'm back with a photo dump update on Nicklas.
We have fully entered threenager stage and my child has started to ask if he can go to time out... and then laugh at me... Who is this kid who has taken over my sweet toddlers body?!
Anywho... lets look at some cute pictures of him!

Time change with a toddler is tough.  Nicklas went to bed at 7:00 pm... which is normal for some toddlers... but not mine!  I was in a panic that he was going to wake up at 3 am... but he didn't.  Nicklas slept until 9:00 AM the next morning... can I get an AMEN!!!!

Yes I still get pics from my dad every morning when he is dropping off Brooklyn!  I save the cute ones to share with all of you.  Your welcome! ;)

Nicklas and Boy Jamie both have eczema.  A high school friend posted on Facebook that the above soap cured her daughters eczema so I ordered some.  Nicks is looking so much better... Jamies is too but he hates to admit that I'm right!  And the soap smells so, so good!  Double score!

Time for some mom honesty.    I hate puzzles.  I REALLY hate alphabet puzzles.  

And I hate when alphabet puzzles fall on the ground and your threenager can't find the X and throws the biggest fit ever and all you really want to do is loose the entire alphabet and have more coffee.  

I hate when he wears a hat because he looks so much older.  Boots, blue jeans, a hoodie and hat makes him look 6 years old.  We may throw this whole outfit away! ha!

Just baking some cookies with Grammie!!!  He may have ate most of the chocolate chips!

Granddaddy was so proud when Nicklas told him that he wanted to watch 'My Charlie' (Charlie Brown).

He had to get a better seat! 

I had the best time at Carries baby shower.  Can't wait to meet her sweet baby girl.

I texted boy Jamie this picture and informed him that this is the reason I never get anything done!  Thank goodness he's cute!

Yes this is another picture from my dad but there is a story behind this one.  See the little girl in the upper right corner of the picture.  I have been told by Nicks teachers that she is nicks "special friend" (I refuse to use the G word).  Nicklas takes up for her and gets on to anyone who takes her toys, including teachers, and they are always together.  

I zoomed in and sent this pic back to my dad and said 'check our your future grand daughter in law smiling big for you.' Ha!!

Nicklas loves Aunt K working at his school... and please notice Brooklyn (my niece) photobombing!! haha!

I decided that it is time to get in the holiday spirit and make the first gingerbread man of the season!

Nick loved the idea!

I think we did very well for our first time!! :)

Uncle Kevin and Kaylin had a gender reveal party last weekend and they had a fire truck there!  Nicklas was very excited!

And Baby P is a boy!!!!! 

We can't wait to meet Sweet Bryar!!!!!

I won a selfie stick from Stitch Fix... We had fun playing with it!!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that my father in law is a preacher.  On Sunday they had Homecoming at his church so we decided to go.  They do not have a Sunday School class for Nicklas so he sat on the floor and played with monster trucks! Ha!

Nicklas and boy Jamie love playing Monster Jam.  Someone is going to be soo excited when Santa brings his Christmas present of Monster Jam tickets!

Amazon delivered a present last night that was supposed to be a Christmas gift... well moms a sucker and decided to let Nicklas open it!  All of the gang from Blaze and the Monster Machines!!  Woo Hoo!!

Poor guy just couldn't wake up this morning....

Halloween 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Halloween started with a package from our sweet Aunt Debbie.

Nicklas was super excited about all his Halloween goodies!!

Friday Nicks school had a Halloween party so of course Nicklas had to look his best!

He gets so tired of me taking pics, ha!!

Aunt Kellyn sent me this pic of Nicklas enjoying his pumpkin goodie!!

Saturday night the local college we live near had all the girls dorms handing out candy!

Nicklas loved getting candy from all the pretty girls!

We also ran into the whole gang from Batman.... and wheres waldo!

Nicklas loved meeting Batman!

Please let me introduce you to Cinderella and Gravedigger!

We had lots of people come over for Halloween.  Our street literally shuts down and has hay rides and kids everywhere!

The day after Halloween I always make pancakes out of Nicks favorite candy.  This year I made Twix pancakes!

Nick approved!

Now the reason I am getting to write this blog before 10 pm....
Honestly I should get to bed... 3 am will probably be interesting around here...

I can't wait to read about all of your Halloween festivities!!!