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The Life of Nicklas: Volume 4

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy October!!   Get ready for a photo overload update!

We have 2 dogs (that never get blogged about) and one of them adores Nicklas.  The other hates everything about Nicklas.  Our dogs stay in our kitchen and Nicklas loves to accidentally leave the gate open so that Toby will come love with him!

Oh just a big kid with his chocolate donuts and ipad!

We went to a anniversary party for my inlaws a few weeks ago and Nicklas had the best time.

He found 2 girls that he would go back and forth two.  One of them is sweet Kendra, who is in the background, she loves and has prayed for Nicklas so much!

And here he is hamming it up for the other pretty girl in the room.... I am in trouble!

And then he did some karaoke.  Please notice his mic is unplugged.  In true experienced dad fashion Billy gave Nicklas his own mic so he could have a good ole time!

Just singing with the big boys....

Look how cute he is sitting with his friends at school!  He is such a big boy!

Nicklas has stopped taking naps on the weekends.  Yes I cry about it every Saturday and Sunday... This momma loves a good nap. So here we are... 6:30 on a Sunday night... Nicklas never goes to bed this early!

Last Thursday was picture day at school!  Love seeing Brooke and Nick all dressed up!  

My mother in law took me, Kaylin and Elizabeth out to dinner and to see Dirty Dancing.  I know the pictures aren't the best quality but it was a wonderful show and we all had the best time!

But I sure was happy to get home to this kid!  He will now hold my head and say 'I got you.'  Last night as I was putting him to sleep he pulled my head over to his shoulder and said 'I got you' and kissed my forehead.  I about died.  I know this is how my future with him will be when he is much much older and so am I.  

But then I remember he is still 3 and gets super excited about Lightning McQueen pj's!

We went out for yogurt with some friends on Sunday night.  Nick loved it and ate every single bite!!

And then he got tired of the ice cream and decided it was time to go on a date.  Sweet Emma said he kept talking about his truck... I really am in so much trouble!

No, this is not the outfit I sent my kid to school in... but I like this outfit much, much better because the pair of shorts he was wearing have a little bit of pee pee on them because my kid used the freakin potty!  Can I get a AMEN!!! 

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