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Sick Halloween Update

Monday, October 26, 2015

My little family has been other the weather this week so this update is going to be a little boring but its all about the memories right?!

Whats the best thing to do when you are sick?
Stay in your PJ's... even better when they are Halloween pj's!

I DVR'd the Charlie Brown Halloween special and wasn't sure how Nicklas would like it.  
He loves it.  He especially loves 'Sloopy" and when it is over and he wants to watch it again he says 'my Charlie mommy."  Love!

So what does a sick mommy do when she wants to be creative with food but at the same time is too sick to give a crap?  Buy premade bat chicken!  Don't judge!

Fingers crossed we are all better in time to go trick or treating.


  1. Sorry to hear about being sick! I hope everybody feels well soon. PJs and Charlie Brown sound like just the ticket. And bat chicken made me laugh. I've never seen bat chicken! Dino chicken yes but not bat. Aria won't eat chicken nuggets or I'd be all over that. They have pumpkin shaped kraft mac and cheese, or they did last year at least, but I have yet to find it this year. I'm sad! IT's festive and easy - what more could you want =)

  2. Bat chicken!!! lol hey, whatever works mama!!! Also love that he says "sloopy" :) too cute!!! Thank so for linking up!!

  3. Aww, being sick is no fun, but festive pjs help a little. We dvred the Charlie Brown special too, but sadly Ez wasn't that into it. I'm hoping he likes the Christmas one better, because that's one of my faves!


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