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Our Favorite Halloween Shows/Movies

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I am back linking up again to share some our favorite Halloween shows and movies. 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Monster Musical
You can't go wrong with Mickey Mouse in this house!  When I saw this on the DVR to be recorded I knew that Nicklas was going to love it... and it did not disappoint!

Spookley the Square Pumpkin
We actually recorded this when it came on last year and it has been one of Nicks favorite shows ever since.  Lots of singing, bugs, and dancing... what else does a little boy need?!

Toy Story of Terror
Toy Story is awesome!  But a Toy Story Halloween special is even better!!!  

Hocus Pocus
So, Nicklas is really not into Hocus Pocus quite yet but this is mommys most favorite Halloween movie!!

What are your favorite Halloween movies and shows?!


  1. Aria loves spookley this year! She's watched it twice so far. Have you read the book? We had that first and I'm like well that didn't follow it at all ha. I was wondering how they'd do an hour tv special for such a short kid book. It works for me, Aria likes it =)

  2. We love all the specials! Hallie LOVED Mickey's Monster Musical!

  3. We recorded the Toy Story special. Looking forward to watching it. And of course Hocus Pocus is a longtime fave. For me, anyway. I don't think anyone else in the house cares for it though.


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