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The Life of Nicklas: Volume 5

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Thursday.  I am so excited about this weekend and Halloween!  
I wanted to do a little update on what my sweet Nicklas is doing lately.
There is a lot so buckle up!
He has entered full threenager mode and is a very strong willed child but he is so loving and sweet! He makes me want to pull my hair out but then laugh and smile all day long! 

We had a few rain days and we were all going a little stir crazy.  Whats the best thing to cure rainy day blues?!  Selfies of course!! :)

Nicks school had a Parent Appreciation breakfast a few weeks ago.  Jamie attended and said it was wonderful.  They had sweet presents made for the parents.  Nick loved having his daddy there with him!

Nicklas is such a little man.  Food, tablet, underwear showing!

Nick had fall pics taken at school.  I only like the close up pic but had to document them all! 

The doctors office we go to built a new office super close to our house.  Only takes like 10 min. to get there.  We got to visit to go get Nicks flu shot.  Nick loves all the new toys.  I love the new smell!

One Friday I just couldn't work up the energy to cook.  I decided I would go pick up dinner for all of us.  Nick was wide awake when we left the house, wide awake the whole way there... Still awake when I got him out of the car... then I noticed that he wasn't crying for his food or talking.  I looked at the reflection in my phone and this is what I saw.  He slept for 2 hours... which made for a very late night for mommy and daddy!  But he did sleep super late the next morning... SCORE!

I have started doing Dance Fitness with Jessica live stream classes.  Jamie snapped this pic of Nicklas working out with me!  He was really gettin it!!

Jamie went the Nascar race in Charlotte with some friends.  Nick was in rare form that day and I just knew it was going to be a super long day.  He was playing in his play room, tripped and fell and busted his lip.  It was cut on the inside and outside.  He kept chewing on his lip and I just knew it was going to swell up and look horrible.  The first pic is right after it happened, second is the next morning. 

Us looking for daddy and the race... and me cussing him in my head so happy he got to go and have a good time.  #justkeepinitreal

We did get out of the house and go play with Brookie!

Kellyn, Brooklyn, Nicklas and I went to pick up dinner and this happened.  So we did what any good parents would do... we had a cold dinner because you don't wake a sleeping toddler... ever!

Does timehop depress any of you?  It sure does me!!  Wah.....

The Monday after the race Jamie decided to stay home with Nicklas because Nicklas had 'a bad cough' or daddy was just way too tired after the race.  But Nicklas did love having some quality time with daddy!

Just teaching my kid the way to a woman's heart.... fresh baked cookies!!!!!

Kellyn works at the school Nicklas and Brooklyn attend so I get pics every morning from my dad and every afternoon!  LOVE IT!!!!

Do you all remember the I Spy books?  I didn't know they still made them!!  Nick and I love them!!  Well, I did love them... now not so much.  I mean... anyone would get tired of them if you had to do them 193 times in a row!

Another school pic!

Jamie and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on Oct. 17th.  We got a babysitter and went to dinner.  So nice to reconnect!

Aunt Debbie sent Nicklas a package recently.  It was some Thomas the Train happies and he LOVES them!!  He has really gotten into Thomas the Train recently and I love it!

Twins.  We were watching Jurassic World and they were both hooked.

I picked up Nicklas from school one day and he was so sweaty and thirsty.  We still do sippies at home because I don't like to clean!!  I didn't have a sippy with me so I just gave him my water... it worked... but now he wants my water all the time! ugh!

Jamie normally gives Nicklas a bath while I am cleaning up dinner.  Jamie was working late one day so I did bath time.  Jamie always covers up Nick with the towel and then I come and scare them but since no one was there to scare us we took a selfie!!!  #momscooltoo

Naptime pic from school!!

Playing with his Thomas the Train stuff from Aunt Debbie... and mopping my floor... ha!

Nicklas has finally started liking PB & J sandwiches.  These have always been a favorite of mine so I am so excited about this!!

Gymnastics fun on Granddaddy!!  They both did this like 6 times each!

We went to see Nannan and Pupol this weekend and the kids had so much fun.  Nannan and Pupol always pick up little toys for them so they had lots to play with!

Ganna couldn't be outdone on the gymnastics!

Getting some Great Grandma love from Nannan.  This picture makes me so happy!

So Monday Nicklas and I stayed home from work and school.  My wonderful husband went and got us donuts and me a dunkacinno (have you had one?  BEST) before he went to work.  

The fire dept. visited Nicks school last week and give all the kids hats!!!  

I made Daddy do I Spy.  If I have to find that school bus one more time.....

More pics from school!!

So last night I asked Jamie to rub my feet... well Nicklas couldn't be left out... and who I am I to deprive my child... bahahahah!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and be safe!!!!

Sick Halloween Update

Monday, October 26, 2015

My little family has been other the weather this week so this update is going to be a little boring but its all about the memories right?!

Whats the best thing to do when you are sick?
Stay in your PJ's... even better when they are Halloween pj's!

I DVR'd the Charlie Brown Halloween special and wasn't sure how Nicklas would like it.  
He loves it.  He especially loves 'Sloopy" and when it is over and he wants to watch it again he says 'my Charlie mommy."  Love!

So what does a sick mommy do when she wants to be creative with food but at the same time is too sick to give a crap?  Buy premade bat chicken!  Don't judge!

Fingers crossed we are all better in time to go trick or treating.