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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So, I have been using Stitch Fix for a little while and I can't believe I have not posted about it!

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix it is a company that will send you 5 items of clothing or jewelry after you do a style profile.  You try the items on in the privacy of your own home, keep what you like, send back what you don't like!  Its that easy!!

Here is what I received in my latest Stitch Fix - please excuse the picture quality, I took them on my Iphone while Boy Jamie was giving Nicklas a bath!!

#1 - Rolfe Geo Print Top - $54.00 - Actually loved the style of this shirt but it did not fit well in the arm pit area.
Decided to send back.

#2 - Siena Cropped Pant - $58.00 -  Love everything about these pants (you will be able to see them better in the next pic, don't you love all the 3 year old hand prints on my mirror).
Decided to KEEP.

#3 - Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan - $38.00 - Actually really liked this white cardigan but didn't have anything to wear with it and with a 3 year old little boy I am scared of white.  You can also see the pants better in this pic.
Decided to send back.

#4 - Dita Sleeveless Pointe Dress - $68.00 - Was super excited when I saw this dress in my fix - but it wouldn't zip over my boobs... sigh. 
Decided to send back.

#5 - Marley Scroll Detail Drop Earrings - $28.00 - LOVE these earrings, but have some almost just like them.
Decided to send back.

What do you all think?
Did I make the right decision?
Do any of you have Stitch Fix?
What do you like or dislike??


  1. Such cute stuff! I have been wanting to try Stitch Fix but haven't been able to bite the bullet yet, but this might be the month!

  2. You got really cute stuff! Bummer the dress didn't fit - that color looks great on you! And with a 3 year old boy, I'm scared of white too! ;)


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