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Nicklas is 3.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ok, first off.... is 3 extremely hard on any of you other mommy's?
3 has been really hard on me... he's not a baby anymore...
Anyway... on to the celebration!

We decided not to have a birthday party this year so on Friday night my family and boy Jamie's family all got together at Pizza Inn to celebrate the birthday boy!

The birthday boy got some great gifts.  All things monster trucks and Blaze!

It just so happens that the fair comes to town the week of Nicks birthday!
Nick had a blast!

Nick is in the tea cup with boy Jamie... Just couldn't get a pic of him!

This slide was the only ride that Nick didn't smile on... He didn't cry... but it wasn't his favorite!

Nick did so good walking up to the rides, getting buckled in, then waiting to be unbuckled.  I was so proud.  We also enjoyed the pig races and lots of fair food.  Nicklas was asleep before we even left the parking lot!  Thanks Kevin and Kaylin for going with us!

Sunday, September the 13th my sweet boy turned 3.
We did our annual donuts with a candle in them for breakfast!
Blaze and AJ even called and wished Nicklas a Happy Birthday (thanks Nick Jr.).

After breakfast it was time for more presents!
Mommy and Daddy came threw with Stunt Blaze!

We went and had lunch at my parents and Nick had a Monster Jam cake waiting on him!

Ganna and Grand daddy also got Nick a Chase costume.  He loves wearing the hat and back pack around the house and saying i'm a chase!

I still can't believe my little monkey is 3!!


  1. Looks like a great time! Happy Birthday buddy

  2. Happy bday to Nicklas! He certainly looks like he had a blast, especially on all the rides!


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