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Stitch Fix

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So, I have been using Stitch Fix for a little while and I can't believe I have not posted about it!

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix it is a company that will send you 5 items of clothing or jewelry after you do a style profile.  You try the items on in the privacy of your own home, keep what you like, send back what you don't like!  Its that easy!!

Here is what I received in my latest Stitch Fix - please excuse the picture quality, I took them on my Iphone while Boy Jamie was giving Nicklas a bath!!

#1 - Rolfe Geo Print Top - $54.00 - Actually loved the style of this shirt but it did not fit well in the arm pit area.
Decided to send back.

#2 - Siena Cropped Pant - $58.00 -  Love everything about these pants (you will be able to see them better in the next pic, don't you love all the 3 year old hand prints on my mirror).
Decided to KEEP.

#3 - Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan - $38.00 - Actually really liked this white cardigan but didn't have anything to wear with it and with a 3 year old little boy I am scared of white.  You can also see the pants better in this pic.
Decided to send back.

#4 - Dita Sleeveless Pointe Dress - $68.00 - Was super excited when I saw this dress in my fix - but it wouldn't zip over my boobs... sigh. 
Decided to send back.

#5 - Marley Scroll Detail Drop Earrings - $28.00 - LOVE these earrings, but have some almost just like them.
Decided to send back.

What do you all think?
Did I make the right decision?
Do any of you have Stitch Fix?
What do you like or dislike??

The Life of Nicklas: 3 year old special!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It is still so hard for me to believe that I have a 3 year old.
I am going to do a little update on what Nicklas is up to as a 3 year old little boy.

We had his 3 year well check last Friday and at first he was doing wonderful, but then the 3 year old devil came out.  He did not want the doctor to touch him or talk to him or anything!  And he didn't even have to have shots at this appointment.  We had a doctor that was filling in for our normal doctor so I blame it on that... he was old and even carried an old timers doctors bag.  Just wasn't what we were used to.  

Height is 3' 2.66" = 79%
Weight is 33 pounds = 72%

Nicklas has started having an opinion about what he is wearing... and here I thought having a boy would be easy when it came to clothes.  I will show him what he is wearing for the day and he tells me he wants something else.  Here is an example of our morning conversation:
Me:  Look Nicklas here is your Pete the Cat shirt.
Nicklas: No, Batman.
Me: No, look Pete the Cat is groovy! (All you Pete the Cat lovers should know why I use the word groovy)
Nicklas: No, no, no, no (while waving his hand at me) I like Batman.... and monster trucks.
Me: (wrestles kid to get Pete the Cat on him) No, no... Pete the Cat. 
Nicklas:  (Walks away like nothing happens, gets to school and shows off his Pete the Cat shirt like its the best thing in the world.)

Another example.  I bought these Real Tree camo boots at walmart this weekend (yes, cutest things ever) and Nicklas loved them.  Saturday night my parents invited us over for BBQ (my husband and his friends were already at my parents helping put up a fence).  I told Nicklas it was time to go so we needed to put on our tennis shoes.  Nicklas tells me, "no mommy, I wear my new boots."  It was 90 degrees outside.  It was also a Saturday in which Nicklas didn't take a nap.  So I did what any other good mom would do.  Nicklas wore his shorts, t shirt, and freaking camo boots!

He really is so sweet right now (75% of the time).  He is very affectionate and wants to talk to everyone.  He has started putting his arm around my head and saying "I got you."  I say this to him while he is fighting nap time.  I love it.

He is also a wild boy.  He loves to dance and jump and run and fall and say 'I ok.'  If he drops something or one of his toy cars falls he will laugh and say 'oops, sorry!'  He is very good about saying Please, Thank you, Your welcome and excuse me.  He will also bless you if you sneeze, cough or burp!

He is a lover of all boy things.  He loves monster trucks, fast cars, and sports.  He loves Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Team Unizoom, and he still loves Dora! (I try not to think to much in to this, I mean, he loves Boots and all the singing!)

Nicklas can count to 30, knows all of his colors, knows phonics for all letters of the alphabet and sings it all the time, and knows shapes that I have to look up on google.  Really, what the freak is a rhombus!

He also throws the most over the top tantrums.  We visit time out a lot.  I will give him a warning then it is straight to time out if he does it again.  I set our kitchen timer for 3 minutes then will go and explain to him what he did wrong, make him tell me he is sorry, then we hug!

He is the sweetest, funniest, most loving 3 year old boy in the world.  
I am so thankful God chose me to be his mommy.

Nicklas is 3.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ok, first off.... is 3 extremely hard on any of you other mommy's?
3 has been really hard on me... he's not a baby anymore...
Anyway... on to the celebration!

We decided not to have a birthday party this year so on Friday night my family and boy Jamie's family all got together at Pizza Inn to celebrate the birthday boy!

The birthday boy got some great gifts.  All things monster trucks and Blaze!

It just so happens that the fair comes to town the week of Nicks birthday!
Nick had a blast!

Nick is in the tea cup with boy Jamie... Just couldn't get a pic of him!

This slide was the only ride that Nick didn't smile on... He didn't cry... but it wasn't his favorite!

Nick did so good walking up to the rides, getting buckled in, then waiting to be unbuckled.  I was so proud.  We also enjoyed the pig races and lots of fair food.  Nicklas was asleep before we even left the parking lot!  Thanks Kevin and Kaylin for going with us!

Sunday, September the 13th my sweet boy turned 3.
We did our annual donuts with a candle in them for breakfast!
Blaze and AJ even called and wished Nicklas a Happy Birthday (thanks Nick Jr.).

After breakfast it was time for more presents!
Mommy and Daddy came threw with Stunt Blaze!

We went and had lunch at my parents and Nick had a Monster Jam cake waiting on him!

Ganna and Grand daddy also got Nick a Chase costume.  He loves wearing the hat and back pack around the house and saying i'm a chase!

I still can't believe my little monkey is 3!!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last Wednesday was my 32nd birthday! 
My family all got together last Sunday to celebrate!
My sister went all out and bought fun hats for everyone to wear!

Nicklas was not very happy about the hat!

Lets be honest... after having a kid... and a niece... you never blow out your candles alone.

And my sweet niece jacked my princess party hat... oh well!

Thank you guys for a wonderful birthday party!

My mom and aunt got me a stitch fix gift card for my birthday, Don't you love my shirt and necklace!!!!

My mom and dad bought Nicklas some new fun toys... which turned into a competition of which toys Nicklas would like better.  Would he like Blaze or Star Wars cars.

Blaze won!  Here he is showing Blaze that he is on TV!

Daddy loves when we send him pics while he is at work on Fridays!  

Our dogs needed a bath... bad... so Nicklas got to help.  If Sassy didn't already hate Nicklas (Sassy hates everyone, but me!) before she sure hates him now!

Now for your viewing pleasure... Nicklas sleeping pics!  I am obsessed with taking pictures of Nicklas when he is sleeping!

This picture was taken at 6:30 on a Sunday night... which we all know is never good!  But isn't he just the sweetest thing all cuddled with his daddy!

Boy Jamie texted me on Friday and asked me what we were doing... I sent him this! HA!

I LOVE this picture.  He is just so peaceful!

Nicklas will turn 3 on Sunday which means this past Sunday was his last day in the church nursery.  Yes, I cried when I dropped him off.  Isn't he the most handsome almost 3 year old that you have ever seen.

On Sunday afternoon we had Grandmas birthday dinner.  I let Nicklas go out to play for 10 minutes and he was ate up with mosquito bites.  When we woke up Monday morning I noticed his eye was a little swollen.  I saw that he had a mosquito bite right about his eyebrow and new thats what it had to be. 

This picture was taken right before lunch time.  He has been rubbing and itching it.  I called the doctor that was on call at our pediatric office (they were closed for Labor Day) and he said to give him some Benadryl and if it didn't go down to call him back.  By last night it was not as swollen and was looking much better.  This morning it was still a little swollen but much, much better.  We are now going to give him a bath in bug spray before he goes outside.