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The World of Nicklas Volume 3

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happy Thursday all.
I'm going to do a little photo dump update on whats been going on with my sweet Nicklas.  I can't believe he will be 3 in less than a month.

I can't remember why I took this picture but I think his face is so, so funny... hes like... what in the world are you doing with the camera again mom!

My aunt and cousins bought Nicklas this cute hat.  He wants to wear it ALL THE TIME!!!!

Boy Jamie got some cool glasses for his birthday back in July, Nicklas had to try them out first!

Just a big boy with his tablet.  

My dad thought this picture was gross... but if my kid wants to rub my feet... far be it for me to deprive him of that opportunity.  Can I get an AMEN!!

The karma of the previous foot rubbing event was after rubbing my feet... he wanted to play with my eyelashes... paybacks a BEEP!

My parents bought Nicklas a Lightning McQueen lamp for his big boy bedroom!  He loves it!

And the hat returns...

Boy Jamie always leaves his hats laying around... drives me crazy (but thats a whole other blog update) so Nicklas found this one on the couch and put it on and said 'look mommy, daddy!'

We bought a big boy stroller to take to Charlotte for the Monster Jam show, had to test it out before going... pj's, no shoes, and sunglasses!!!

Nicklas thought it was absolutely hilarious that his egg was hiding on our heads... oh the imagination of a 2 year old!

Bless my child... he can not peddle a tricycle to save his life... we have showed him over and over but oh well!  And please note the 52 monster trucks in the compartment in the back of the tricycle...

Daddy trying to show him how to peddle... no such luck!

When I was off work a few weeks ago, we met my friend Lindsey and her kids at the water park near my house.  I think Nicklas had  a great time!

This was the next morning after the water park... wore him out!

We also went and got a haircut while I had some time off.  Who is this big boy in my car... licking his toy watch... that landed on the floor in the hair salon.... Pick your battles, right?!

So after all the sun I got from the lake and water park, I was a little sun burnt.  Nicklas saw that my head was peeling and said, 'whats wrong mama?' While picking at my forehead!

Nicklas did so good at his haircut so my mo in law took Nicklas and I to lunch at his favorite place!!  Runway Cafe!!  We had a blast!

Spending the day shopping and hanging out with Grammie and Mommy is exhausting!

We decided to try potty training again.  Nicklas would stand up and start balling his eyes out and then pee everywhere.  We had his potty in the living room right next to where he was but it just didn't click to him.  We decided after talking to his teachers that we would take a little break and try again later!

My oldest cousin started college.  I CAN NOT believe it!  So, so proud of her!

In other news, my little sister is engaged!  

All this news was just too much for my little man to handle. 

Nicklas started 2K this month... He is growing up WAY to fast!

My other sweet boy had a birthday this month!  Happy Birthday Toby!

One day I pulled up to pick up Nicklas from school and this is what I saw.  It was only a false alarm with but talk about scary!

I love watching the Nicklas with is daddy.  Boy Jamie was reading him book after book.  It was so sweet. 

Nothing is better than a clean naked baby!!  #sofreshandsocleanclean

Since Nicklas is in 2K he gets to sit with the big kids in the morning.  Love seeing him and Brooke sitting next to each other!

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  1. So many adorable photos and awesome memories. He is just too stinking cute and has such a great personality. How do I get Mac to rub my feet?! And it took Mac a while to figure out pedaling (and potty training)...give him time. These boys can't be rushed. :)


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