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Nicks Early Birthday Trip!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

For Nicks 3rd birthday we decided not to have a party. 
We decided to take Nicklas to see his most favorite thing - MONSTER TRUCKS!
The show was a few weeks before his actual birthday but don't all 3 year olds celebrate for a month anyway!
My sweet parents bought tickets for us and we traveled to Charlotte to have a great night of monster truck fun!

We are on our way!

Checking out the hotel.

We got to the event early so we could check out all the monster trucks.

Avenger - Nicks favorite!

They were huge!

We were so excited for the show to start.

My parents got us really good seats.

The monster trucks jumped each other and Nick loved it.  They also had motor bikes and robots!

Watching the show!!

My aunt Debbie and Uncle Coleman live in Charlotte so we headed to their house on Sunday.
Nicklas loved playing in the pool and Uncle Coleman blew up all the cool inflatables!

My aunt and uncle live on a lake so of course Daddy had to play with the big boy toys.

My uncle took all of us on a short boat ride, Nick was amazed!

And this is what Nicklas looked like 5 min after we left my aunt and uncles house.  I'd say his 3 year old birthday trip was a success. 
Thank you mom and dad for making this trip possible.
Thank you Debbie, Coleman, Kendyl and McKayla for entertaining us on short notice!

Happy Birthday Nicklas.... a few weeks early!

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