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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I feel like I have been going non stop and its not going to get any better.  We start VBS next week and Jamie and I are both teaching and Nicklas will be attending!!!  Here is a little photo dump update on what has been going on!

This is what my floor, couch, bed, sink, etc look like 99% of the time.  I do love being a boy mom but these cars hurt like the devil when you step on them!

These 2 love each other so, so much.  Brooklyn calls nicklas her 'little brother' and it melts my heart.  I hope they stay super close!

We caved and bought a tablet.  Nicklas loves watching youtube and Jamie and I both wanted our phones back.  So, Nicklas has his own tablet!!

Jamie is such a good daddy... even though I had to threaten him to get up and play Ring around the Rosie!

I got some friends together to go watch a race for Jamies early birthday outing.  Thankful these girls sat and watched 15 bagillion hours of racing with me.... even though we were bored to tears!  The boys had fun though!

I won't be back anytime soon though.................... :/

Nicklas loves vegetables and scabetti (spaghetti).  And nothing is cuter than his little round face eating corn on the cob.  Even though I want to pull me hair out because he just can't keep his food on his plate.  He prefers it on the table, floor, chair, in his diaper.... or he is feeding it to Toby!  No wonder Toby loves him so, so much! :)

My mom and dad picked up Nicklas for us last Tuesday.  Brooke had dance class so Nicklas went with them.  He didn't really like watching Brooke dance so sweet grand daddy had to give up his phone!

Nicklas is a mommys boy all the way.  So when these sweet moments happen it deserves a photo!

We went to see Nannan and Pupol last Friday and Pupol took us all out to lunch.  Nicklas loved having lunch with his Pupol and telling him all about all of his cars and monster trucks!

Nannan always played the guitar for me and Kellyn when we were little so when she pulled it out for Nicklas I thought it was the sweetest thing.  Nicklas of course wanted to play it himself... boys....!

Nicklas finally had his baby dedication Sunday July 19th.  It was wonderful.  Our friend, Jimmy, was the one who dedicated Nicklas.  Jamie's dad (poppy) even said a prayer.  We were blessed to have all of our family there standing beside us!  

Jamies 30th birthday is Thursday.  Since he is on call and coaches football we celebrated on Monday night.  My mom and dad got him a cake and ice cream!

And these 2 monkeys helped him blow out the candles!

I gave Nick my phone to play with while I was eating and he snapped this picture of Ganna and Grand daddy!! hahah!!!

We got to visit with my Aunt and cousins yesterday!!  Nicklas kept calling Kendyl and McKayla lil mama!!!  Great seeing you guys!!

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