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Overdue Update!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Long time no blog...  
Do the rest of my blog friends ever get in a blog funk?
Between my summer cold and my busy life I just haven't had the motivation to blog.
So here is a picture overload update on whats been going on!

My sweet friend Carrie (who is expecting by the way) came over a few weeks ago so we could clip all our coupons.  Nicklas decided to make her a human puzzle piece holder.  Being the sweet friend she is, she obliged and had fun with it!  Later that evening we ordered Wild Wings (which delivers to my house), left Nicklas home with the boys and headed out to 3 different stores to get all the best couponing deals!

Okay, I have to admit it, this picture made my uterus tingle just a little bit!  We had nursery a couple of Sundays ago and these 2 sweet girls fell asleep while Jamie rocked them!  I told Jamie that he has never been sexier!

Nicklas and Brooklyn had their end of the year program at school.  Brooklyn did so good.  Nicklas sang one song, out of three!  He stood on the stage and said "momma, where are you?" the entire time.  He was finally taken off the stage and handed to me!  haha!!  But hey... he did one more song than he did at Christmas so I feel like that is an accomplishment!

Nicks teacher sent me this picture one day!  Bless his sweet heart!  But... Why won't he take a good nap like this at home?!  haha!!!

Granddaddy and Ganna picked up Nicklas one day from school!  They were nice enough to take him for ice cream, I think he enjoyed it!

I love that my dad always sends me pictures whenever he drops off Brooklyn.  I really love that Nicklas is obeying the rules and holding his donut!!

Jogging is hard, but it is really hard when you haven't gotten off the couch in the last 6 months.....

Granddaddy and Ganna bought Nicklas this toy when he was 6 months old.  At 2 1/2 it is still a favorite at our house!

We got a pool membership this year!  Nicklas had the best time swimming with his daddy!  All I got was sunburned but hey.... its all about making memories... right?!

This worn out little boy didn't even make it half way home before he passed out!!  Swimming is hard work!

One night our church offered childcare... so of course Jamie and I took advantage.  Nicklas had a great time eating spaghetti and watching movies with his friends.  We had a great time having Mexican with all of our friends! :)

Hunter, one of Nicks and Brookes friends, had a birthday party this past weekend!  Everyone was asked to dress up in their favorite super hero costumes!!  Granddaddy was so, so proud!!  

This little boy turned 33 months old on the 13th (no I don't really keep up with the month thing, I have to add it up everytime).  I can not believe he will be 3 in a few months.  3 is really hard for me to think about...  He really won't be a baby anymore....

My aunt came into town to spend some time with my Nannan because my Pupol was in the hospital.  Pupol is doing much better.  It is always good to spend some time with my Aunt Debbie but we sure did miss Kendyl and McKayla. 

Meet Thor!  My mom got a new dog.  He is so good with Nicklas and Brooklyn... even though Nicklas and Brooklyn are not real great with him!

Jamie sent me this picture this morning.  I always wake up Nicklas when I leave for work so that he can eat and Jamie will have plenty of time to get him ready.  I guess he wasn't ready to get up this morning!

Then, my dad sent me this picture when he was dropping off Brooklyn this morning!!  Doing his morning stretches!  HA!!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I'm totally in a bit of a funk right now and I blame it on our extreme heat in AZ! Can I just sleep through the rest of summer? Ha ha!
    LOVE the photo dump and updates!!

  2. Yes, we all get in blog funks. No worries! So much cute stuff going on in the post. I love daddies with babies photos! You have to enter that pic in the #awaywego contest on IG. And the fact that Nicklas was looking for you through the performance was too adorable for words! I love him! And all the sleeping photos are just so sweet!

  3. I think we all get in blog funks! Especially in the summer. You sure do have the cutest super hero:)


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