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The World of Nicklas Volume 3

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Okay, buckle your seat belts and get ready for a bunch of randomness and a picture overload!!

A few morning ago I couldn't find Nicklas.  I had asked him if he was ready to get dressed and I turned around and he was gone... so like any other mom would do... I finished putting on my jewelry, ha just being real, and went to find my kid!!  He was just laying in the dog cover... he was fine... could have been much, much worse! ha!  I was just glad he wasn't in the toilet... again  :/

When my dad drops off Brooklyn at school he always checks on Nicklas for me!!  Looks like Nicklas was looking for him this day!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that Nicklas plays with my eyelashes while he is filling asleep.  Saturday Jamie was golfing and he called... obviously I didn't answer since Nick was falling asleep.  I texted him this picture, he knew to leave us alone for at least 3 hours!!

Nicklas and Jamie were in our friends, Matt and Aundrea, wedding on Friday.  Thursday we had the rehearsal dinner.  Nicklas was very excited about his ring bearer gift!  A super loud fire truck!!  He even told Matt thank you without me having to tell him to, proud mommy moment!

 The sweet bride, groom, flower girl and ring bearer!

I was a little afraid Nicklas wouldn't walk down the aisle without me but after he saw his daddy walk down he was ready!  He grabbed that little girls hand (her name was Gabby, the same name of the little girl on his favorite show Blaze and The Monster Machines) and pulled her down that aisle!!  

 I made sure he got a really good nap the day of the wedding!

 And here he is!  My little ring bearer!  I was so, so proud!

 The beautiful wedding party!

 As I said earlier, Jamie was also in the wedding.  They had everyone dance down the aisle!  Jamie loved that!
It was an absolutely stunning wedding and we are so, so happy for Matt and Aundrea!

Someone was really snuggly one night!  Bless him!

I got this letter sent home.  First letter like this and his 2 1/2... i'm proud!

This boy loves horses!

Nicklas was having a tummy issue sometime last week.  My wonderful dad came over and watching him for us.  He sure was excited when he walked in the living room and saw grand daddy!

Nicklas loves riding to the bank with me and getting as sucker, if you look close you will see the sucker in his hand!

We decided to take Nicklas to his very first dirt track race.  It is a big event in our little town and Jamie and I used to go all the time.  We got some boiled peanuts and m&m's and Nicklas loved it.  We actually made it until the end of the whole thing!

 After being at the dirt track race my car was super dirty so my sweet boys washed it for me!!

 Nicklas got a little tired of washing so he decided to play in the bucket of water and bubbles!

Nicklas loves going to his Poppys house because Poppy loves to take him outside and feed the chickens, goats, and horses!  

And he loves peeking at his grand daddy every morning!

So, are you exhausted?!  I am!!  But I did warn you!

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