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Mothers Day and Potty Training

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Belated Mothers Day to all of my sweet blog friends.
My Mothers Day weekend was wonderful.

It started out like this! hahah!!
We have started trying to potty train.  We started out sitting Nicklas on the potty a few times a day... nothing.  Then a friend told me she let her little boy run around the back yard naked.  Tried it.  He fell in a bush.  As soon as we put a diaper on him he pees for like 5 min.  I'm assuming he just isn't ready!  oh well!  But doesn't he look cute!

The weather was wonderful this weekend so we got out some of our water toys.  We also bought Nicklas a sprinkler to play in... he hates it!  ha!!  

Don't you just love my Mothers Day present!!  

On Saturday night we went to see my in laws for Mothers Day.
Nicklas loves some Little Ceasers Crazy Bread!

We were supposed to see my mom on Mothers Day but my dad got sick so we didn't get to grill hamburgers at their house.  My mom and sis did come visit me and bring me a pretty spring wreath for my front door!

So thankful God chose me to be Nicklas' mom!  He is such a blessing!


  1. Ha, love the little bum! So cute...and I love your swing! I want one:)

  2. He is too stinking cute! Love that first booty shot! We are not ready for potty training either, don't feel bad.


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