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Spring Break

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The dental office I work at closes for Spring Break so I get to spend some fun time with my sweet monkey!

While eating breakfast I put on the movie Bolt.  He was hooked!!!  He sat like this with his hand inches from his mouth for like 3 minutes.  Bolt is serious!

 My sweet Brooklyn spent the day with us one day.  My mom dropped her off super early on her way to work so I woke up and we played a little bit just me and her before we woke up Nicklas and Boy Jamie.

 Then I made a big breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and fruit for everyone.  These 2 were so excited to see each other... and you can tell they are both in the middle of saying cheese!! haha!!

We practiced Easter egg hunting!!  Both kids loved doing that!!  

 I made a big lunch and let the kids watch TV while they ate.  I was also on my 3rd cup of coffee by this time! :)

When I finally changed Nick out of his pj's, I had to put him in his batman shirt since Brooke was wearing her batgirl shirt... but getting a picture of a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 year old was not easy!

Both kids were starting to get a little moody so I gave them a blanket and put on Frozen.

And then one of them fell off to sleep!

 And then the second... who only slept for 20 minutes!

After Brooke woke up we did some fishing!!

Mid afternoon it had finally dried up enough to get out of the house.  The kids played some golf while Boy Jamie cleaned up and did some raking.  I sat on my rear end and watched... my 3 cups of coffee were gone!

 About 10 minutes after Brooke left this happened!!  Which made for a really late night for this mommy!!  Not so sure I could handle the 2 kid thing full time!

Nicklas has really gotten into youtube videos of cartoons singing nursery rhymes!  He sings along and laughs!  Its hilarious!

One day during our spring break we headed out to the zoo!  Nicklas LOVED the giraffe.  He kept saying "Giraffe...come on!" 

He loved the snakes and alligators also... pure boy.  There was also a huge black pig... which Nick called a hippo they whole time!  I thought it was pretty funny!  Thanks Aunt Elizabeth for going with us!!

So daycare was open the week of spring break so I decided I was going to take nick one day.  Hey I have to pay even if he doesn't go so I should get one day of getting to lay around in my pj's!  I went to have lunch with my mo in law and this was my view!  It was perfect!

We have started discussing putting our house on the market so one evening we drove around to look at some houses. It bored Nicklas!

Nicklas also loves to watch trains on youtube.  My laptop battery is always dead lately!!

Jamie sent me this pic after he got Nicklas ready to take him to school.  I mean who is this big kid on my couch and were did my baby go?!?!

 My weekend is going to spent with 2 boys who want to watch the Masters all day long. So if you want some company and will allow me to sit in my pj's and will watch chick flicks or Real Housewives with me let me know!! :)


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