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Girls Weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Hump Day.
This week has felt so long to me... probably because I got NO rest over the weekend!
But that means it was a good and fun weekend!

Thursday night Jamie and I met some friends at Dave and Busters for a fun date night!

 We may have spent WAY too much money but we won Nicklas Flash and Batman!! 
He was so excited when we brought them home for him!  We won him Superman at our last trip to Dave and Busters so now we have to get Robin next time! ha!

Nicklas had the best time with his babysitter Jenna!

Friday morning I took Nicklas to the dentist!  He loves playing in the waiting room!

Jamie left early Friday morning for a golf retreat.  He sent me this picture of his view!

 My friends, Jess and Carrie, came to stay with me while all of our husbands were away golfing!
Jess has a little girl named Ady who Nicklas LOVES!
He even had to get in her pac and play to play with her toys.

 Nicklas did share his monster trucks and Lightning toys with Ady... proves how much he loves her!

Saturday morning we woke up and made french toast, eggs, and bacon and then spent the rest of the day shopping!  Saturday night I got a babysitter for Nicklas and us girls went out to celebrate Jess' birthday.
First stop pedicures!

 Second stop mexican!  We embarrassed Jess and then had the best sweet potato cake ever!  Sounds nasty but really... its awesome!

 Sunday after church Carrie had us over for lunch.  Then we all went to our own homes and rested after our fun filled weekend together!  Thanks girls... I had a blast!

This sweet boy was super excited to see his daddy get home!


  1. What a fun weekend! I always love when friends come to visit!!
    Love the picture of the trees by the water! I'm itching for different scenery than AZ desert landscaping, ha ha!

    1. Did you hear that they are having a Gilmore Girls reunion?! I thought of you when I first heard about it! hahah!

  2. Awesome weekend. So much fun with friends too! Super jealous of your date night - sounds like a blast!


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