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Easter 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So here I am finally catching up.

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We had a fun filled weekend full of Easter activities!

Our first activity was on Saturday.  The church my father in law preaches at had an Easter gathering.  It was cold so we wrapped up and headed out. 

Nicklas did so well!  All our practice paid off, ha!!

Please look at the mini rat tail hanging out of the back of his hat! ha!!

Sunday morning Nicklas woke up and had to go check out what the Easter bunny had brought him!

Monster trucks, A Blaze t-shirt and candy... what else does a 2 year old little boy need!! :)

The Easter bunny brought Nicklas some yummy Recees Pieces so I decided to make Recees Pieces pancakes!!  They were a hit!

But Nicklas still needed peeps for dessert... I mean... It is Easter so why not!

After breakfast we headed to my parents house because the Easter bunny stopped there also!!

Easter Sunday was also my Nannans birthday!!  The kids loved singing Happy Birthday to her and spitting all over the cake helping her blow out the candles!

After cake it was time to hunt some more eggs!  Both kids did so good... I found out that after reading in my blog that Nicklas was practicing, Brooke started practicing too... cheaters!! ;)

After hunting eggs 2 or 15 times we went and played on Jake.  It amazes me that when we first got Jake Nicklas couldn't swing by himself and now he just goes and goes!  

Pupol even took a turn swinging.  Nicklas thought this was hilarious!

We had to say good bye to everyone and head to Grandma Pruitts for dinner and more egg hunting.  We found out that the Easter bunny also stopped at Grammie and Poppys AND Grandma Pruitts house.  Nicklas must have been a very good boy this year!

A full day of egg hunting really makes you sleepy.  But as soon as he heard poppy and the chickens Nicklas woke up!!  

By the end of all the egg hunting Nicklas was a pro!!  

We are truly blessed that we were able to spend Easter with all of our families!  Nicklas still doesn't really get the true meaning of Easter but next year I can't wait to share with him the real meaning of this wonderful day.  He Is Risen.


  1. What a fun and full Easter you all had!! Such sweet pictures to capture the day!

  2. Easter eggin' with our littles is just SO much fun!! It looks like you guys had a perfect Easter!!

  3. I love all the camo and monster trucks! He is such a boy! I think he and Mac would be best buds!


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