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Monday, March 30, 2015

Nicklas is 2 1/2 now and does the funniest things.
He has a mind of his own and also has is own little language.

Here are some examples:
Dinasie = Dinosaur
Watie = water
eat/bite = I want a cookie

Me: "Nick did you go poo poo"
Nick: "No.... Ok"

As we go outside to get in our car to leave, Nicklas begins crying "monster truck" which means he wants to ride in boy Jamie's truck... not my cool mommy SUV.   I go to place him in my SUV and a full blown tantrum begins!

Nicklas can count to 20, but skips eighteen every single time.

He knows all of his colors and animal noises.

He has an obsession with monster trucks and race cars and loves to watch them on youtube.  He then plays monster truck rally.  He will wreck and flip his cars and monster trucks and say 'woah woah woah' then clap!

A few nights ago I decided it was time to clean out nicks closet.  I was making him try on some shorts, jeans, khakis, and shoes. I was hanging and putting stuff up and turned around and he was gone.  I found him in his chair, in his diaper, mismatched shoes, watching his favorite show.  I guess we were done....

 I think he knows he is good looking.  I said lets take a picture and he smirked at me... really... are you 16?!  I can't handle it!

 Jamie was laying on the couch the other night and Nicklas brought him this book and started reading it to him!  He would say 'huff and puff and blow" and then he would blow at the book!  Smart kid... even though thats not at all what the book was about!

Nicklas has really started to like super heroes, especially The Flash.  I had my computer out the other day and he started pointing at it and saying 'the flash.'  I got on youtube and found The Flash cartoon from the 1960's.  Nicklas loves it!!  It is the cheesiest cartoon I have ever seen but at least the language is better than most shows that are on TV today!

After Nicklas gets home from school he prefers to be left alone.  I am SO like this!!  He will have a snack and sit at this table and watch Blaze!  This actually works well for me... I can prepare dinner and get some things done.  After dinner he is ready to snuggle and play with me and boy Jamie!

Nicklas woke up with the dreaded stomach bug one day last week.  Poor thing was miserable.  

Friday mornings are my favorite.  I have Fridays off so Nicklas and I can lay in bed and snuggle all morning long.  I cherish it!

Nicklas has finally figured out how to rub my back!!!!! I am so, so excited about this.  I mean... I did carry him around for 10 months... the least he can do is rub my back from time to time!! :)

Nicklas has started wanting to wear hats and he looks so cute in them!

I'll pretty much do anything to entertain him so that I can get some things done!!  Hey... you can only run around in these glasses and look cute for so long!

After a long week... there is nothing better than laying down and watching some NASCAR!!

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  1. Just so handsome! Love the pic with no shirt and just chillin with his mismatched shoes:)


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