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Stupid Leaky Pipes and My Future Rockstar!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Tuesday.
Is the time change seriously hurting anyone else?
I need my hour back!!
Our weekend was pretty good.  Sunday we had a leak under our house so my poor husband had to work all of Sunday and Monday.  Thankfully some friends and my dad were willing to help him out and we got it fixed in 2 days.  We are very thankful for everyones help!!

My dad picked up Nicklas for us on Tuesday.  Nick was very excited to go help granddaddy do some grocery shopping.  Nicklas always wears his Star Wars shirt when he knows granddaddy is going to pick him up!

Thursday when we got home Nicklas had a package waiting on him!!  Love our new red Toms.  He was so excited to try them on.  He kept saying 'red shoes'!!  Now we are ready for spring so we can wear our Toms every day!

On Friday we went to get Nicks hair cut.  I am so thankful he is getting better at this!  He is playing with his fried Ally.  Our friend Camille sent Ally to spend some time with us!

My cousin Kendyl will be graduating this year.  I am not ready!!  Love these pics that my aunt sent me!  I can still remember when my aunt would come visit and Kendyl was just a baby.  I would rock her to sleep while Elvis Presley was playing on my nannans jukebox!  SLOW DOWN TIME!

I found a hat that Santa forgot to give Nicklas when I was cleaning out the closet this weekend.  Since Nicklas was being so good I went ahead and gave it to him.  He wore it for the rest of the day!

But... he wasn't as good!  Please notice the Cheetos stain on the hat... oh well....

Jamie went golfing on Saturday.  Our friend Ally got to tag along! 

After church on Sunday my Nannan and Pupol came to visit.  It was a great day to let the kids run around and play.  Love having this in my moms back yard!

Brooklyn and Nicklas had a great time playing together.  We ended up having the spend the night at my parents on Sunday night.  Bedtime was really difficult because Brooke and Nick didn't want to quit playing!

Aunt Kellyn was excited that Nicklas was staying over.... until he cried most of the night and kept her awake!

Bath time is always fun when you get to take your bath in Gannas BIG bathtub!!  Nicklas also enjoyed all the barbies and pink bath toys!!  

Doesn't everyone play the drums after bath time?!  
Thanks mom and dad for letting us stay with y'all!  And thank you for your hospitality!!


  1. Family time is the BEST!! Sounds like an amazing weekend (despite the yucky time change!)

  2. So fun finding stuff that you hid and forgot!

  3. Oh, I just found a leftover Santa gift too! I'm just going to save it for his birthday. That Santa sure is good at hiding gifts! :)


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