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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Thursday all.
It is rainy here and I am fighting to stay awake... I don't know why but rainy weather just makes me want to curl up and watch lifetime... I'm pretty sure my boss would disapprove.. oh well!

Nicklas had school pictures at school last week.  They had a little bunny for a 'prop' for the pics.  His teacher sent me the pic below.  He was so upset and wanted the bunny back!!

Last Thursday was Poppys birthday.  Nicklas enjoyed hanging out with grammie and poppy and watching Cars 2.

Great Grandma Pruitt even came to see Nicklas for Poppy's birthday!

We picked up a cake for Poppy so I got to light the candles.  We just go the number 55 because we didn't want to start a fire!! hehe!!  Although we did have a fire fighter there just in case... Love you Kevin.

Nicklas loves singing Happy Birthday and we sang it over and over and let Nicklas blow out the candle every time!  Seems like Kaylin and Kevin got tired of singing it over and over! ha!  Love you both!

All the kids got together and played Apples to Apples... I never won... and no I'm not bitter... everyone else just cheated.

And Grammie, Poppy and Nicklas played dress up!

We have started decorating for Easter at my house.  I couldn't believe I found this cute wreath at CVS for $10.  And if anyone wants to come clean my door let me know! bahah!

Nicklas celebrated his half birthday on Friday the 13th.  I can't believe my little monkey is 2 1/2!

Do any of you do Ipsy?  I just got my first months bag and look at all I got.  Love it!!  Hope its this exciting every month!

We have started to practice Easter egg hunting at my house.  I'm not competitive at all... YOUR GOING DOWN KELLYN AND BROOKLYN!!!!!

I woke up Sunday morning with my eye looking like this.  Guess I'm turning into a zombie.  I knew there must be a reason I am overly invested in The Walking Dead....

Nicks teacher sent me this pic earlier this week when Nicklas wouldn't nap.  The sweet little boy fell asleep while Nicklas was rubbing his back.  His teacher told me he was ready for a sibling.  I hope she means a four legging sibling....  This uterus is closed... forever!

How do you all like my blogs face lift?  Please leave me some feedback and let me know what you think!!

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