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Brooklyn Turns 4

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On Saturday we all put on our best cowboy/cowgirl attire (who am I kidding... I wore my converses) and headed to Brooklyn's 4th birthday party!!

Kellyn, Ganna and Grandaddy did a great job of planning this party.  When we first arrived we got to paint horseshoes.  All the other kids in attendance loved it... Nicklas only participated in this activity for 4.5 seconds before heading back out to the pasture and whistling for the horsies to come here so he could attempt to feed them grass!  BUT, doesn't he look cute with his hat turned backwards. 

 They brought out the pony for all the kids to help brush and get ready to ride.  All the other kids loved that.  Not my kid.  He wanted to pet and feed the big horses.

Poor kid really hated that pony.  He wanted the big horses!

 But isn't he cute!  And I totally look like I belong in some horse stables....

Nicklas finally got his turn to ride the horses.  He handled it like a pro.  I couldn't believe how good he did!!  

After horse riding it was time to eat. 

Although my kid looks like he is dipping and has a beer gut in the picture I can promise you it is only goldfish and punch!

Nicklas made fast friends with another party goer who liked to feed him dip.  I mean, I like when people feed me too so I understood his love for this child! :)

Brooklyns boyfriend Hunter was in attendance.  I mean... Can't you just feel the love!

 Nicklas had to get a sweet birthday hug from his favorite cousin also.  We usually make them do this after one of them hits the other in the face... they were probably confused!

 When we first got the the party the horses were all standing near the fence... I'm not sure why they moved to the other side of the pasture.  

As the party was winding down my kid decided he needed some space... across the street... and close to the pasture... really?!

I think that Brooklyn had the best time at her party!

Brooklyn Nicole you make me so proud and I love you very, very much.
Happy 4th birthday princess cowgirl!

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  1. Looks like y'all had a fun time! And I can't blame him for wanting to ride the big horse:)


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