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Bon Jovi and Snow!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Tuesday Friends.
Are all of you as ready for spring as I am?!
Well... Let me update you on whats been going on with us!!

Nicklas was still kind of sick all of last weekend.  We went the the doctor on Thursday and got some medicine but my sweet little boy just didn't feel good!
I sure didn't mind giving extra snuggles and napping with him!

I LOVE NASCAR!!  Judge all you want!  Nicklas seems to like it also!

He enjoyed watching on his tricycle also!

Nicklas sure was excited when he woke up one morning and mommy was still home with him!

Oh I could just eat his cheeks off!

So I'm going to get real private here for moment.  You know when you are trying to have private time in the bathroom...  I miss that so much.  Now while I am trying to have that private time I get visited by a 2 year old and a collection of cars and trucks....

My mom bought Nicklas this doll gender neutral toy and Nick loves it.  I sings the ABC's and counts!

My sister in law tagged me in this picture on Facebook.  I LOVE me some Jon Bon Jovi!

We have had lots of ice/snow storms at my house.  This is my parents street.  

All my children loving!  Makes my heart happy!

The Little Mermaid came on the TV this weekend and Nicklas was hooked.  He kept saying 'fish,fish!"

Just a little selfie before church on Sunday!

We had a fun snow day last week.  It was nice waking up to the snow on the ground... even though it didn't last long!

Since everyone had the morning off I woke up and had some coffee alone and made everyone a big breakfast before we went out and played!

Car selfie this morning right before I dropped Nick off at school!

So I have started praying for no more snow, no more ice, and 70 degree weather!  Bring on spring!


  1. We just moved to North Carolina from Iowa and while I enjoy the increase in temps, I really miss snow days!

    1. I am from Mississippi originally so this snow stuff is still new to me!! ha!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ha, why do kids insist on being in the bathroom with you? My son is the same way:)


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