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Valentines and snow days!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

So here I am... day 2 1/2 snow day... losing it.  
Does anyone else secretly hate snow days now that you have a toddler?
Am I the only one about to loose it and its only 7:45 AM?
Please tell me i'm not alone..

Anyway, let me update you on whats been going on!

Nicklas has been fighting a cold, well sometime last week the cold won.  Sweet daddy took off and stayed home with Nicklas. I love selfies from a sick baby and a tired daddy!

I stayed with Nick Friday...  poor dried snotty nose and chapped lips...

My boss got me some GODIVA for Valentines Day!

Valentines morning Nicklas woke up to some fun Valentines books and chocolates!! 

Our wonderful church had a Valentines dinner and a movie Saturday night.  They served spinach dip, pork loin, mac and cheese, green beans, strawberry cake and chocolate covered strawberries!!  The also provided childcare and fed the kids!! We played games and had the best time.  Love my church!
Love me some Carrie!

My Valentine!!

Meet Jenna.  She writes me love notes at Subway!  Love her!

Carrie LOVES spinach dip!  So my hubby took her a bite while she was playing Family Feud!  Her team won!

Consumed also performed for us!!

Nick had to help clean up!!  He was actually moving the table! haha!

Wednesday Nick and Brookes daycare had a short delay so my wonderful parents got to take both of these kids to school!  Thanks mom and dad!!

So if you don't here from me again it must mean that I have completely lost it due to the cold weather and being stuck in doors with a very whiny 2 year old!  Good luck to all of you who are doing the same!

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