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Christmas 2014

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ok... I know it is 2015 but in my little blog world it is right after Christmas and there is no way I have gotten this far behind!!

Gotta be honest.  I have totally unplugged this Christmas vacation and have tried to soak it all in.  Nicklas is at such a fun age and this has been the best Christmas ever!

Two nights before Christmas we celebrated with Jamie's side of the family.

As soon as we arrived Nicklas got to open a present!  I helped my MIL cook.  She made Japanese so I got to help make the veggies while she made the rice and chicken.  

 After we all enjoyed the wonder meal it was time for everyone to open gifts.  Nicklas of course enjoyed opening the gifts and playing with the wrapping paper.  He also enjoyed playing with empty boxes.  After opening one he would say 'woah' and then quickly move on the the next gift!  

 We decided early on that we would not be purchasing big gifts for each other.  But since everyone was buying for Nicklas we got everyone a little gag gift.  Kevin got hot dogs!

 Elizabeth got pickles!

 Nicklas still opening his gifts.  He sure is blessed!

 When we got home we unpacked the car and decided to wait until the next morning to play with all our gifts.  Nicklas loves his offroading Lightning Mcqueen track that Uncle Kevin and Kaylin got him!

 And I LOVE my ballet flats that my MIL got me!!

Brooklyn came over Christmas Eve morning to check out what Nicklas got the night before!

Christmas Eve we spent the evening with my family.  We got to open all of our gifts, except the ones Santa was bringing that night!  Mom made some yummy red beans and rice so we ate and then started opening gifts!

 Nicklas knew exactly what to do!!

We had to get home early so that Santa would stop by!!  Nicklas was a very good boy so Santa hooked him up!!!

 He wasn't sure what to think!!!! 

 We had some extra time before we had to be back at my parents house so we colored and played with some of our new toys!!

 And while we were playing with our new toys... this happened!!!!  Yep... our new toy got stuck in his hair... it came out pretty easy but this mom did freak out at first!!!!

 I had to model my new HUNTER boots that my mom and dad got me for Christmas!!  LOVE!!!

 We couldn't believe that Santa left Nicklas a new tricycle at my parents house!!!  He also left us all FRONT ROW SEATS to the circus that is coming to town in January!!

 After opening gifts and eating some yummy Lasagna that my dad made, we decided to go outside and play on Jake.  It was in the 60's on Christmas day so we had to enjoy the weather!

 Sweet Christmas cousins!

 I had to get in on the fun!!

 When we got home we took a good nap then played with our new toys!!  We love out easel that Nannan and Pupol got us!

 And our golf set that mom and dad got for us!

 We took a break from playing to watch Jurrasic Park!

 While watching Jurassic Park he started playing with my hair!!!  

 We finally got our Little People village put together.  We have the race track, fire station, and police station.  Its awesome!

This has honestly been such a fun Christmas and I am so sad to see it end... but on to New Years!

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