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The Life of Nicklas: Volume 7

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nicklas has hit a few milestones recently.  
He is talking in complete sentences, actually says yes when I ask him questions, he actually sat on Santas lap and he didn't scream mom during his Christmas program this year (pics below)!  I am so excited about Christmas and so excited to see how he reacts to everything!!  
Now get ready for a picture overload!

I love that I get pics every morning from my dad!!  I love to see how Nicklas is acting!!

I took a night to have some mommy time and went to get my hair done with my most favorite hair stylist!!

Jamie always loves how my hair feels after I get it done!

Just another morning pic!

Always playing on the floor pushing his cars around.  Although recently he has started making the siren noises... and it kills me............  I may end up throwing every fire truck away.... just kidding... maybe!

Jamies work Christmas party was a few weeks ago!  We had a blast!  

Oh just checking out his socks in his recliner...

Our local park had train rides and a tree lighting the beginning of December.  These 2 kids loved every minute of it!

Nicks Christmas program!!!  I was so proud that he stayed on stage and didn't scream 'mommy where are you?"

You see that sweet angel!  So proud of Brookie also!!

My sweet babysitter (who also works at the day care) sent me these of Nick getting ready to go on stage!

Love our snuggle time together!

Another morning pic!

I get pics from Kellyn too!!!

You see that little head watching the Victorias Secret fashion show!  I'm in trouble!

Nicklas got a Christmas happy from Aunt Debbie....  He loved it.  The cute stocking is hanging in his room and he ate all the candy out of the package in one night!!

We went to a local Christmas light show and took Kevin and Kaylin with us.  

They also had a small petting zoo which Nicklas loved... I may have bathed him in hand sanitizer after this picture was taken!

Our little town has the best Christmas lights ever!

They also have a Polar Express!!!  The kids were so, so excited!!  Boy Jamie wasn't sure how he got included on the trip!! hahahah!!!!

How we all feel about Mondays!!!

Christmas is less than a week away!!!!!

Visits With Santa 2015 Link Up

I am super excited to share Nicks Santa pictures with you.
Last year Nicklas was terrified of Santa so I didn't have high hopes this year.

Our first visit with Santa....

Our second visit.
Santa bribed Nicklas with a candy cane... and the 'reindeer' sitting next to Santa.
I'm all about bribing if it gets me a good picture!!
After we finished with Santa Nicklas kept saying 'i'm so proud of you!' hahah!!!

And our 3rd visit with Santa.
Ganna got her picture to frame for Christmas 2015!!!