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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Tuesday.
Can you believe there is only 9 days until Christmas.  Santa has one more present to buy then we are finished.  I still have presents to wrap but i'll worry about that the day before Christmas tomorrow!
How are all of you doing on your Christmas shopping and wrapping!

We have a busy, busy week ahead of us so I wanted to do a small post on what we did last weekend so my next post wouldn't be so crazy!

My dad sent me this pic sometime last week.  He had dropped off brooke and went to peak at Nick.  I could almost guarantee that Nicklas took every single one of those toys out of the bin!

We went to a local place to look at Christmas lights on Saturday night.  Nicklas LOVED the lights.  He will say "lights, pretty" its so sweet!

But visiting Santa didn't go as planned.  Nicklas will see pics of Santa and say ho, ho, ho so I really thought that visiting Santa would go great... I was WRONG.  As soon as Jamie handed him off he started bucking like a bronco!  Santa didn't know what to do.  So I grabbed Nicklas and we did a family pic!!

So Saturday night... well actually Sunday morning, Nicklas woke up at 2:30 AM and stayed awake until 6:30 AM... so obviously we missed church.  He did sleep until 11:00 AM so that was nice!  

After we woke up Jamie decided to burn some leaves so Nicklas had to help him do that!!

Nicklas speech has gotten so much better recently!!  His teachers have even mentioned it to me and Jamie.  Praise the Lord!!

Happy 9 days til Christmas!!


  1. Sorry your weekend didn't go as planned! I can't believe it's almost Christmas - it's going to be so much fun:)

  2. Love the Santa family photo! I can't say I blame him for freaking out! Is it really only 9 more days? Ahhhh!!


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