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First Christmas Update

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy 3 days until Christmas.
Our family has already had tons of family Christmas activities so I wanted to go ahead and do an update!

My office had its Christmas dinner on Thursday night!  Our boss took us to 131 Main and it was amazing!

Me and Lindsey... waiting for everyone else to leave!

Me, Lindsey and Christy... still waiting on everyone else!

The whole gang... Vicki, Lindsey, me, Christy and Dr. Peele!

I found the 2 pics below on my husbands phone.  They are from Nicks school Christmas program that was a few weeks ago.

This is after Nicklas freaked out and I had to go get him!

See sweet Brooklyn in the white and pink pj's!

My dad and Jamie took Nicklas and Brooklyn to Burger King on Saturday.  These kids had not seen each other in over a week and I was told they had so much fun.  My mom, Kellyn and I were getting mani/pedis!  Thanks mom and dad for a fun day!

Saturday evening we had Jamie's extended family Christmas!

Each of the cousins who are under 18 exchange names.  Nicklas loved what Kelsie got him!

Aunt Vivian also always buys for all the kids!  Nick loved his firehouse!

Grandma Pruitt opening her present from Nicklas.  Of course Nicklas had to help!

At home still playing with his new presents!

Sunday afternoon Matt and Andrea brought over Nicklas a present!

He has been doing LOTS of artwork!!

Sunday night we went to our church Christmas program!  After the program there was a big surprise!!

Since Nick gave Santa a high five I wanted to see if he would sit on his lap!

This is as close as he would get!!!

Had to throw in a pic from this morning... such a big boy!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. So much fun! It's the most wonderful time of the year! And busy!


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