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Dog pile and stage fright!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy December blog friends!
This is my most favorite time of the year.
Nicklas has really started to show interest in all things Christmas which really makes my heart smile.  He says lights whenever we see Christmas lights outside, then he will tell me that the lights are pretty!  Every time he sees Santa or a snowman he says ho, ho!

Jamie finally agreed to put the star on our Christmas tree!  Every year I get Nicklas an ornament of something that he likes... last year it was Mickey, this year Lightning!  He loves seeing them on the tree!

Last year I bought this tree on clearance at Target... well it lasted about 2 hours....  but it was fun while it lasted!

Wheres Nick?!  If his face is hidden then he is hidden!  

Hmm... How'd they get in the living room... and on the couch... and snuggled up to me?!  Sorry Jamie!

How can you make this face get up?!?!

My mother in law bought me an ornament for her tree!!  Best Mom 2014!!  Yep... thats me!

Nicklas and Uncle K bonding over some farmville!

Oh hey mom!  Grammie had Nicklas a good snack and some cartoons on the TV when she picked him up one day last week... Little monkey was living the life!  Thanks Grammie!

My latest coupon haul!  $7.41 for it all!  Oh Yah!

Dog pile with Aunt K!

Please welcome the newest member of the Pruitt household.  He sits here all day long, every day... he is such a good elf!  Nicklas loves for me to pick him up so he can wave and tell his elf that he loves him!

Friday night Jamie and I went to his company Christmas party.  We had a wonderful babysitter take care of nick.. her name is Jamie by the way!  We like to keep it easy!

On Saturday morning Nicklas and I got to have some alone time.  He enjoyed watching Frozen!

                                        Frozen must have got serious!                                     

 I looked down the other night and Nicklas had his toenail clippers and was pretending to clip his toenails... smart kid!

 Then he tried to facetime somebody!

Sunday night Nicklas had his school Christmas program!  

 This is as far as Nicklas made it... made eye contact with him and it was OVER!!!  He sat on my lap the rest of the program.  Brooklyn did wonderful and I got NO pictures of her because I was taking care of boo boo!

My parents had us over for dinner after the program and this was on their street.  Look how big and pretty the moon is!  Just a sign of God watching over us!

Last night after dinner we decided to go look at some Christmas lights.  This house we went too is decorated so pretty and its free to get in!

After we got home Nicklas wanted to watch some Dora... while he sat in his Lego table! Ha!

Now to go catch up on what is going on with all of you!!

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