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Its been a while...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So, to be perfectly honest... I just haven't felt like blogging... not sure why.

To catch up I am going to do a photo dump so be prepared for a photo overload!

We switched Nicks crib to a toddler bed in hopes that he would sleep in it... he thinks its a toy.

Wheres Nick?! And yes... this is how my house looks 99% of the time!

Just playing in his new 'toy' mom and dad got him...

While daddy is studying for a big test at work (which he passed by they way) these 2 loves get to come hang out in the living room!

Bless him... yes he is on our bed... not his nice toddler bed!  But he is a great cuddler!

I have started couponing with some friends from church and this is the stash I am giving to my mom!!  

Just doing some reading before bed time!

Getting some LOVE before taking him to school.

Laid out watching TV...

Isn't his hair so pretty... he's 2.... I can still say pretty!

At the drive in.

We watching Planes Fire and Rescue one morning and it looks like both of my boys were really into it.

I think I may have an issue with taking pictures of him when he is sleeping... creepy!  But precious!

Nicklas stayed home with his daddy one day while he was sick... I think they had a good time together!

Getting some love from his big brother!

He still loves playing with my eyelashes while his falling asleep.  I secretly love it too!

Look who got a hair cut!  Ugh she is so pretty!

Just sporting our Lightning McQueen hat!

Playing with his belly button while watching TV!

Jamie hit a deer a few weeks ago while driving home. Thankfully he was ok... his truck is drivable but not ok! :(

Monkey got a big boy hair cut!!  Handsome little man!

All for $1.04... oh yah!

Thats all for now!  Now I have to go catch up on whats been going on with all of yall!!


  1. I need to start doing coupons...and it's ok to call his hair pretty:)

  2. I go in and out of blogging as well. Sometimes I'm super motivated and other times... I just need a break. Totally get it!
    LOVE the pictures!! Why is he growing so fast?! He's the cutest!

  3. He is so adorable! Love his hair. And love that he plays with your eyelashes. What a sweetheart.


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