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Halloween 2014... and then some!

Monday, November 3, 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!  We had a great time at my house... minus the rain... and snow!

Before I update you on our Halloween I need to back up a little.

Last Saturday night some friends had us over for dinner... doesn't Nick look so big sitting at the table eating!

We went to lunch after church last weekend and this little boy was amazed by a fish tank!

I think these 2 love each other.

Just breaking it down with Dancing With the Stars!

I love nap times with my snuggle bug!

 Catching up on Paw Patrol!

Wheres Sassy??

Just swinging with Ganna!

My poor 4 legged children never get mentioned on the blog... Please meet Sassy and Toby.

Toby makes a great pillow!

My pupol brought Nicklas this race track, Nick has not stopped playing with it!

Onto Halloween night... everyone met at my house (nannan, pupol, mom, dad, kellyn, brooke,)  Kellyn made chicken taco soup!  

We all had a great time trick or treating... until it started raining!

 Yep... even firefighters hand out candy in our neighborhood!

Saturday night my parents took us to eat Japanese.  This was Nicks first time but he really enjoyed it!

Sunday Jamie went to play golf with some friends after church so Nicklas, Toby, Sassy and I put on our pj's and napped and relaxed all day!

I guess Nicklas was pretty tired of me because he started loving and playing with his daddy as soon as he walked in the door!

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!

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