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Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Monday all.

I haven't updated in a while about what we have been up too so I am going to do that today!
Be prepared for an out of order picture overload!

A couple of weeks ago Nicks school called and told me that he wasn't acting like he was feeling well.  I talked to the doctor that I work for and he let me take the next day off just to make sure Nick was okay.  Ended up being just a sinus infection but I did enjoy getting to spend the day with my sweet boy.

Nicklas has his own vacuum (which actually picks up stuff) so he always helps me clean! 

We decided to go get some breakfast before Nicklas had his flu shot... both of my boys were dressed up in their NC State finest... too bad they lost to Clemson that afternoon.

Nicklas got 2 stickers for doing so good at his flu shot.

Nicklas had a dentist appointment a few week ago also, he did great!

Nicklas is ready for Halloween in his skeleton pj's!

We decided to get a new sectional recently and sold our old living room furniture before our sectional was delivered!  We made it work though! ha!

Nicklas had school pics!  Please notice the apple mid air in proof 2... only my child!

Nicklas loves when his daddy gets in the floor and plays with him!

My sweet little boy went running with me a few weeks ago!  I ran my first 3.1 miles!  I was so proud!!

My sweet sister sent me this pic after she picked up Brooklyn for school.  See the little boy in the blue shirt... thats Nick!

My parents bought Jamie and I new curtains for our house to match our new sectional and throw pillows... since my husband got called into work my wonderful daddy put up our new curtains.  These 2 loved getting to play together in their matching pj's... which was not planned by the way!

On Sunday we watched the NASCAR race... someone got bored!

Jamie and his dad took down our neighbors tree for them this weekend... Nicklas had to go over and help clean up!

Nicklas and I decorated a pumpkin this weekend.  He loved doing this!!

Just hanging out watching some golf.

Brooklyns school pictures.  I can't even handle how grown up she looks!

Someone was in rare form one night... I decided to make bath time a little more interesting!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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