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Sick tips!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I used to love sick days when I was in school.... now I can't stand them.

I can't stand when my little one is sick and can't really explain to me what is hurting him.
I try my best to make my little one as comfortable as possible when he isn't feeling well.
Here are some of my tips.

Movies:  I know that when I don't feel well all I want to do is curl up on the couch in a fuzzy blanket and watch some good movies, so when Nicklas isn't feeling well I love to curl up with him and watch some of his favorite movies.  That way he gets some snuggles and some good entertainment!

Puzzles:  These are always a hit at our house, sick or well.  Just make sure you Lysol them afterwards!

Warm Baths:  Baths are always fun!  Warm baths also help if your little one is snotty!  

Books:  Nicklas loves having a book read to him!  This also lets you get some snuggle time in!

Snuggles:  When I am really sick I still love having my mom hold and snuggle me!  Snuggles are the best medicine when my little one isn't feeling well!

What do you do for your little one when they aren't feeling well?!  With cold season right around the corner I am defiantly in need of some new ideas!!

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