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One Year and Beyond - Keeping your toddler busy

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Thursday!
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Todays topic is:
Busy Toddler Activities

Do you ever feel like your toddler does the same thing... over, over and over again?
I know thats how I feel sometimes at my house!

I have started putting some of my little boys toys 'away' and getting them out for him to play with when I feel like he is getting bored of his normal toys.

Some of our favorite activities are:

Puzzles - I am a huge fan of puzzles and so is Nicklas.  We have over 20 of them but I only bring out 2 or 3 at a time because Nicklas starts just throwing the pieces around if there are too many and doesn't focus on putting the puzzle back together... my OCD self can't handle that! ha!

Legos - Nicklas got a great Lego table for his birthday and we love it.  We have the large legos because Nicklas still loves to put things in his mouth.  Nick loves stacking his legos really high and then knocking them down and then doing it all over again!

Balls - Nicklas loves balls.  He loves using a plastic baseball bat he has and pretending its a golf club.  He loves playing 'golf'.  We also have a basketball goal and Nicklas loves playing bball!  He also loves for us to play catch with him!  He gets so proud when he catches the ball!

Books - Nicklas loves reading books and pointing out certain things in each books.  He favorite books have special things in them.  Some books have the different textures, some make noises, some have the flip pages!  He loves things that are out of the ordinary!!

What do you do that keeps your toddlers busy?!  
I am always looking for new ideas! 


  1. I forgot about puzzles! We love puzzles...I want to get Carson some Legos, but need to clear out some old toys first.

    1. I know what you mean about clearing out toys... I do it before Nicks birthday and Christmas!!

  2. Mac is also obsessed with baseballs and golf. He uses anything he can for a baseball bat or golf club (forks, paper towel rolls, straws, etc.). Adorable!

    1. Maybe I'll see you at a PGA tournament in a few years! :)

  3. Drew is SO much like Nicklas! All 4 of those things are his favorites. :)

  4. My toddler loves his puzzle. Sadly, he only has one and it's already missing two pieces.

    1. hah! So funny!! Nicklas loves throwing his puzzle pieces... we find them everywhere! :)

  5. Mia LOVES puzzles! We only have 2 so we definitely need to get more on hand!


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