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One Year and Beyond: How to love the 'pooch'

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Thursday all.

One of my most favorite link ups is back.

This weeks topic is:
Oct 9:     Learning to love your post-pregnancy body

This is something that I struggle with daily.  I never really loved my pre baby body so my body after pregnancy really bothered me.

Here I am right after Nicklas on Thanksgiving 2012 and then on Thanksgiving 2013.

After seeing these pictures I knew it was time for a change.

I decided to wait until after Christmas... I mean because really?  Who diets during Christmas.

I started a low carb diet and lost 35 pounds.

I have now put back on about 10 of those pounds but I have started exercising.

I began doing the Couch 2 5k app and I am going to do a 5k in November.

I am still not in love with my body but I am in love with what my body was able to do.

My body created the most wonderful thing!!

So sometimes I look down at my 'pooch' and smile because every ounce of it is so worth it!

How do you love your post pregnancy body?
And any tips on running a 5k would be much appreciated!


  1. It is a struggle! But you are right, it's worth every ounce:)

  2. Totally worth the muffin top, I completely agree!

  3. agree, those cute little humans are so worth everything!

  4. Your first 5k?! How exciting!! You'll love it! The training is the hard part. Running is really crappy, there's just no way around it! BUT there is so much adrenaline at races, it's SO fun! You'll run better than you ever did while training, and the high you receive after finishing? It's addicting and makes you want to keep signing up for races!


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