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Countdown to Halloween!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Tuesday all.
I am linking up with some great blogs for fun reason... HALLOWEEN!!

I love decorating for Halloween and want to share some of my fun decorations with you!

We have our skeleton lights, witch wreath, spider web lights, witch door mat, and sparkly skeletons hanging from our tree in our front yard!

I also got a little creative and made some Halloween chalk boards to hang throughout my house!

I am not sure why the top picture is side ways... but I can't fix it.  Hope you can still read it!

I will leave you with the cutest little monster in the world in his cute Halloween I love mummy shirt!


  1. We may have the same spider lights! Hard to tell precisely in the pic, but ours are like the icicle lights at christmas...but spiders =) Super cute!
    Great job on the chalkboards! Mine always turn out terrible. esp loving the broom!
    Is he on the washing machine =) haha love it, love the shirt, love the smile!
    Thanks so much for linking up!!

    1. Thanks so much!! He is actually on the stove.... hahah!! Felt pretty bad typing that but it wasn't on!!! Had to get a pic of the cute shirt!! :) Love the link up!

  2. I love that witch chalk board art! So fun with the broom -- I'll have to remember that for next year! That mummy shirt is super cute and did I spy Mickey Mouse on it? Always a favorite around here! Thanks for linking up with us! Oh and I love that you're both Jamie! My husband and I don't share the same name but we both have the initials JJ so I get it! :)

    1. Oh yes!! Mickey Mouse is a favorite at our house also!! Love this link up!

  3. Love seeing houses all decked out for Halloween! So festive. Thanks for sharing!


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