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September is almost over!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Tuesday and Happy last day of September.
October is my second favorite month... I love when the leaves start changing and Halloween is my second favorite holiday.  I love playing pretend and dress up!!!  And I LOVE decorating my house with all things HALLOWEEN!!!

Last Tuesday my father in law, poppy, wanted to take everyone out to eat.
We all met at Texas Roadhouse and had a great time.
There was even a clown who made balloon animals and Nicklas loved it!
Thanks for dinner Poppy!

I had to take Nicklas to school everyday last week due to Jamie's work schedule.  It was fun having some time together in the mornings.  Normally I wake him up to eat breakfast and then I have to tell him good bye.  Last week was cold here so I had to bundle him up for our drive to school!

We had a pretty busy weekend.
Jamie had Friday off so I finally gave in and we took Nicklas to get a hair cut.  
My sister went with us because last time we went it was HORRIBLE!

We took him to a different place were he got to sit in a car.
He did better this time but not great, but anything is better than last time!

After our hair cute Kellyn and I went to pick up Brooklyn and we came home to watch Jamie's dad and a tree climber take down a tree in our back yard. 
I know this sounds boring to most people but Brooke and Nick loved it... it also kept Kellyn and I entertained for about 2 hours.

Jamie and I went to a wedding on Saturday.  The weather was perfect and the wedding was beautiful.  Congrats Bobby and Carrie.

My parents watched Nicklas for us while we were at the wedding.  Of course my sweet sister sent me pictures the entire night!

Nicklas slept until 8:30 the next morning and laughed in his sleep all night.... so I know he had the best time!
Thank you mom, dad, and Kellyn for watching Nicklas!
We love you.

Saturday night when we pulled up to my parents house to pick up Nicklas, Abby was on the front porch going crazy.  As we got closer we saw why...

ugh.....  I freaked!!  Thankful it didn't bite abby and thankful that it is GONE!!

Please leave me comments... I would love to know who is visiting!  I love having blog friends!!
I hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Your pics are adorable! And ick! I hate snakes! Glad everyone is safe!


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