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Nicklas' 2nd Birthday Party

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First of all I have to give a big shout out to my mom, dad, and sister for making this party so super special!!

My mom decided to do a Cars theme birthday party for Nicklas.
Nicklas and Brooklyn were ready to party in their Cars attire!

The house was decorated with everything Lightning McQueen.

There were all different type of snack foods!

Dinoco's Bubbling Motor Oil

Maters Taters

Fillmores Fruit Salad

Piston Popcorn

Sherriffs Stoplight Brownies

Sallys Cozy Cones

Lightnings Hot Rods

Pit Stop

And of course the cake!!

We played Pin the 95 on Lightning!

We played outside on Jake and on the roller coaster!

We opened presents!

And then we fell asleep!!

The party was wonderful.  Thank you to everyone for making Nick's party so special.
We love you all!


  1. Ugh. If we lived closer I would have totally invited myself to that party. Drew would have LOVED it! :)

  2. The party looks like a success. My son loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I am aiming for that theme next month.

    1. Nicklas loves Mickey Mouse also!! It was a toss up between a Hot Diggity Dog party and a Cars party!! Good Luck!


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