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Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My 31st birthday was on Sept. 2nd... I must say that so far 31 has been awesome!  That is probably due to everyone going out of there way to make my birthday extra special!!

I worked on the day of my birthday so my sweet friends at work took me out to eat for lunch!

The entire restaurant sang happy birthday to me!!  It was kind of awesome! :)

My family made my favorite meal for dinner on Tuesday night.  

We all really enjoyed the yummy roast and cupcakes!

Just had to include this picture of my dad and his favorite daughter!

Brooklyn started school last week, she is doing 3k at the same place Nicklas goes to school!

She loves it, Kellyn says she wakes up EVERY morning super early saying she is ready to go to school!!!

The night of my birthday Brooklyn fell and got a nasty bump and bruise on her forehead.  Well of course Nicklas had to match his favorite cousin....

Somebody loves when his daddy reads to him!

Getting ready for Nicks birthday party!

Playing with his cars!

Next post will be dedicated to Nicks 2nd birthday party! :)

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