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2 week update!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Tuesday all.  Hope everyone had a great labor day.
I have some catching up to do!

Two Fridays ago Kellyn and I loaded up the kids and headed to Asheville to visit the Mountain Play Lodge.

Both kids had a wonderful time!  We headed to DQ and had lunch afterwards!

Nicklas was worn out from all of the fun!

Nicklas and I love face timing with Kellyn and Brooke.

This Friday Kellyn and I packed up the kids and headed to Fountain Inn to visit Nannan and Pupol!

One day last week I really 'needed' a coke!

It was meant to be!

I decided it was time to make some new chalkboards!

When I was writing on one the chalkboard paint came off... any tips?  I am using chalkboard paint, not spray paint.  Notice the 'h' in without, when I was writing the 'h' the paint chipped off.... help please?!

On Saturday night my parents took us all out to eat for my birthday!  Of course we hit up our favorite spot, Runway Cafe!

Nicklas was saying "Happy Birthday"

We are singing the Wheels on the Bus... he is saying the Mommy's on the bus go shh shh shh!

all threw the town!

It was a wonderful dinner!  We even went to Krispy Kreme after!!  I mean... the hot and now sign was on! :)

Yesterday we decided to move my old toy box into Nicks play room.  It is the toy box that Kellyn and I grew up using at my Nannan and Pupols house!!  So glad they kept it all these years!

Today is my 31st birthday!
I made Nick take a birthday selfie with me!!

Tonight my parents are making us dinner again and everyone from work is taking me out for lunch!  So far 31 is good!!
Saturday is Nicks birthday party!  Stay tuned for pics!!


  1. Oh lucky you! I've been trying to find a coke with my name on it! :)

    1. Thanks so much for visiting! It is actually my nieces name... close as I could get! haha!! Have a great day! :)


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